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Q: Where did the name Burge Mountain Artworks (BMA) come from?

A: Burge Mountain is the mountain my home resides in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Burge Mountain is one mountain of many throughout the Blue Ridge mountains in western North Carolina. My studio is located on my property overlooking the mountains and valley of Hendersonville.

Q: Do you have any care instruction recommendations for your paintings?

A: All the works I create are preserved using a special ratioed mixture of OMS, Stand Oil, and Linseed Oil. I blend this into each brush stroke and it creates a nice shine and keeps the paint from drying too fast. This ultimately causes the paint to dry firmly which prevents cracking as the canvas ages. It is also important to pick the most appropriate place to hang your painting. You should never place your painting in area that will receive any direct sunlight. An artist’s light is okay. Direct sun would damage your painting overtime. It is recommend to choose a space that doesn’t get direct light through the day.

Q: Your website appears more like a blog rather than a store. Can you explain your website set up? 

A: I have designed a simple website so that it will be easy to order something securely.  Website maintenance can and does take a lot of time and can be expensive on most platforms. My current site I designed is very simple to maintain and edit. This is a small business and I do enjoy creating affordable artwork that I think others would enjoy. When you purchase art on BMA all the money goes to supply my studio with new paint and surfaces to continue my passion for painting and growth. This blog-like format that I have created will be a visual representation of that growth as an artist.

Q: Is there an appropriate way to order a piece of art on your site?

A: In trying to keep the website simple in design, I have added a ‘simple pay button’ to all artwork that is still available. When you find a work of art you like, click on the PayPal link. After clicking, you will be presented with a pop-up window from PayPal where you can choose either to pay through PayPal, Credit, or Debit card. All major credit cards are accepted. There is no cost to you, the customer, for this type of payment. PayPal is a safe and secure way to send credit card/debit payments. BMA does not obtain or keep any of your credit/debit  information except only your mailing address that PayPal sends us to mail your art purchase.

You can find additional step by step information on how to purchase page.

Q: Can I order more than one piece of art at the same time?

A: Unfortunately, you can only purchase one piece at a time. The functionality of the ‘simple pay button’ at this time only allows one purchase at a time. If you would like to purchase several artworks at the same time you can either purchase them separately or you can contact BMA about setting up a direct payment to include all artworks you are interested in.

Q: When will my order arrive after I make a purchase?

A: When you make a purchase, it will take 3 business days to process your order for shipping. We want to make sure that your artwork is protected and wrapped to maintain integrity on shipping. Once your order has shipped, the customer will receive notification of the package number and tracking number. All orders will be mailed standard via UPS or USPS (where noted).

Q: Why do some of your paintings say “[Available Soon]” instead of being for sale right away?

A: After a painting is completed I post the painting directly on my site right away or within 24 hours of completing the painting. I have several paintings I have yet posted as I am doing touch ups or just feel more needs to be done before the public can view them. With all this being said, most paintings take time to dry completely such as oil, and watercolors. For Oils and Acrylics I have to assess if they need extra coats of varnish to protect the paintings integrity. My watercolors are completed on archival paper which can take a large amount of water, so it takes time for it to dry completely. I even press my watercolors as they dry so it doesn’t bubble. Once all the paintings are complete, it then will be placed up for sale.

Q: What does BMA charge for shipping a work of art?

A: Nothing! The prices for each original artwork include all shipping cost. Basic costs for paintings are based on size and time to produce each work. One of our goals at BMA is product quality art at a reasonable cost for customers. Purchased artwork will be mailed in quality protective shipping via UPS. The customer will be responsible for cost related to unwanted artwork. A full refund will be made once the painting has arrived back at BMA.

Q: Does BMA accept returns?

A: Yes, BMA is happy to accept returns of unharmed artwork if it doesn’t meet your satisfaction. We want all of our customers to be happy on the artwork they purchase. We ask you to review our rules for returns as outlined in our store policies (see Customer Service section). The customer is responsible for costs in return shipping.

Q: Does BMA offer custom/commissioned order opportunities?

A: Yes, I accept personalized orders. I will work closely with the customer so that I am able to accomplish exactly what they intended. When you submit an order request via the contact page, the customer is not obligated to buy the painting if he/she does not like the painting. To prevent this, a rough drawing/sketch will be emailed to the customer giving them an idea of how I see the painting. If the customer is happy for me to proceed, a 50% deposit is required before I start working on final painting. If the customer is happy with the final product then the remaining 50% of the purchase price is required before shipment.

Q: How do you arrive at the cost of a customized order?

A: The cost of any painting I do is based on several factors: size, time, subject matter, and type of painting requested. After we discuss what is wanted by the customer, I will fully disclose what the final cost will be before I start work. I believe everything is up for discussion on what you can or can’t afford. I can always help you stay within your requested budget. On average most custom orders will start at $45.00.

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