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The patient Babushka

We all have those special people in our lives that have touched our lives in more ways than one. I often think of my Grandmother.

Tonal Values View

If she were still alive I can only imagine the types of conversations we would have. I am sure we all have stories we could share about those special people in our lives.

In creating this painting, I wanted to focus on the human figure. It has always been difficult to tackle a human because of the all complexities of shadow and flesh tone. I did some research online and found a ton of free resources available that teaches you in how to think of the human figure broken down into basic shapes and values. I then took the challenge to see if I could capture a great likeness of someone.

Here awaits a patient babushka. Could she be your grandmother or mother? Think of all the wisdom she could share with you. What would you share with her? Would you walk on past? No matter what you choose, she will always be waiting.

The Patient Babushka; 11 x 14 in, Acrylic on Canvas – Available

My name is Tim Ellmers and I love to paint in a wide variety of mediums. All the artwork you will see on my site is done by me. I post items I am currently working on regularly when the time allows. Please join me on my personal journey for artistic growth. Free free to send me an email inquiring about my work or to ask questions. Cheers, and thank you for visiting!

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