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Leroy the Camel

Having graduated from Campbell University I have this place in my heart for camels.  It is the mascot of the university after all. You wouldn’t want to be in there way if a herd were running at you.

I wanted to create a camel that had its own personality; however, not come across as disneyish (finished a previous camel painting that just came off too…happy? – I haven’t posted it yet, but will soon).

Been doing a lot of research on some new painting techniques that I wanted to try out. So here is a step by step creation of bring Leroy to life using those new techniques.


Draft 2, the idea for Leroy

And after the final layer and additional textures, completed:

Leroy the Camel; 12 x 16 in., Acrylic on Canvas – [Available Soon]

Leroy the Camel; 12 x 16 in., Acrylic on Canvas

About Original Artwork: ABOUT: ‘Leroy the Camel' was painted from life. The colors and values are highlighted by the fact the underpainting shows through. DIMENSIONS: 12 in. x 16 in. MATERIALS: Painted in acrylic paints on a gessoed stretched cotton canvas, the patienting is coated in a non-yellow varnish. Painting comes unframed, but size is standard so will be affordable. (C) Burge Mountain Artworks, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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My name is Tim Ellmers and I love to paint in a wide variety of mediums. All the artwork you will see on my site is done by me. I post items I am currently working on regularly when the time allows. Please join me on my personal journey for artistic growth. Free free to send me an email inquiring about my work or to ask questions. Cheers, and thank you for visiting!

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