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The Golden Bell – Augusta National

The Golden Bell – Hole # 12; 15 x 30 in., Acrylic on Canvas (3 panels)


The first day of spring for many people is not truly here until after The Master’s. I have been to The Master’s twice and each time was breathtaking for the human eye. To have been in such a place that has an enduring history of great golfers can’t be described in one word. Almost like a holiness. The Masters’ dramatic golf moments are played against a backdrop of manicured plants, blooming azaleas and soaring pines. Each hole gets its name from the tree or shrub associated with the tee, fairway or green (“Juniper,” “Yellow Jasmine,” “Holly”).

This painting was painted in three panels and is by far the biggest painting I have ever attempted to complete. The complete painting process took me a little over two weeks, working on it several hours a day. I have taken a lot of the painting techniques I have learned over the years and put them all in this one painting. Below I have basically outlined my process for this painting so that you can see each step. In order to get my goal end-product I had to focus on the layering of colors to capture the realism of how beautiful this place really is. I wanted to do the justice it very well deserves.

If you have any questions on this painting or want to discuss a possible commission of your own please contact me through my site.



IMG_2019 2
Step 1:  Screwed three 15 x 30 in. canvas panels together to allow it to fit my easel. Began by blocking in the main subject with tonal value of burnt sienna. 
My setup. Used a utility light over my right shoulder to eliminate shadows of overhead lights.
Step 2: After blocking in all the main elements, I add even more values and shadows so that when I being to add colors it will allow them to be more vibrant
Step 3: Focus on the furthest area and move forward, not adding any detail at this point. Figure out your light source and in which direction it will hit the trees. Start out with clouds, then move down and forward.


Step 3: Continue to add layers of color to the furthest area and then move the color forward. Start focusing on the trees and adding dimensional elements/contrast
Step 4: Continuing to move forward, focusing on tree highlights and azaleas, Dogwood trees, etc. This biggest lesson here is to not get too detailed
Step 5: Begin focusing on the background from the middle and move left. Making sure to maintain appropriate shadows and value
Step 6: Finalize the details of the bridge, reflections in the water, and shadows on the green. Impressionistically work in the detail on the bridge and water. Touch up and Sign.

This painting was a joy to create; however, it did challenge me in so many ways as an artist. I can say one thing for sure, my abilities as an artist have grown so much so in 1 years time. Who knows what next year may bring.

Hoping everyone had a very Merry Christmas and will have a very bright New Year!

Cheers to 2018!

~ Tim Ellmers

My name is Tim Ellmers and I love to paint in a wide variety of mediums. All the artwork you will see on my site is done by me. I post items I am currently working on regularly when the time allows. Please join me on my personal journey for artistic growth. Free free to send me an email inquiring about my work or to ask questions. Cheers, and thank you for visiting!

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