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Moments in Childhood, a study


Precious Memories – study; 8 x 8 in., Oil on Canvas; Original Painting; Unframed

Learn more about this Original Painting @ https://wordpress.com/post/timellmers.com/1260 ABOUT: ‘Precious Memories – study” is a study painting to honor the many fathers and grandfathers who have shaped us and molded us into great human beings. Memories of endless shoulder riding as a child is a precious memory of the bond we all had. DIMENSIONS: 8 in. x 8 in. (standard size for easy/affordable framing) MATERIALS: Painted in professional oil paints on a cotton canvas, stretched on a wooden stretcher frame, canvas has been gessoed with three coats to maintain cotton integrity, paint was mixed with my own personal concentration of oil mediums to give paint strength and adds to protection for years to come (give a nice soft varnish look when dry). Painting comes unframed, but size is standard so will be affordable. (C) Burge Mountain Artworks, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


I often remember when I was young and small enough to sit on my dad’s shoulders. Always able to get a better view, even the best a majority of the time. Children grow up fast, it is times like this it is best to cherish these memories. This painting is in honor of all the fathers and grandfathers for their love and devotion to the care of their children and grandchildren. This will be my first attempt of two paintings on a different surfaces. I plan to complete the same painting again with alternating colors but on Gesso-board rather than canvas. Stay tuned. Enjoy.

Precious Memories.2017.1.logohistogram
Precious Memories – study; 8 x 8 in., Oil on Canvas – Available.

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