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Summer Dreams in the Fall

Well, it is official, Hendersonville received the first snow of the season yesterday. Though it didn’t stick, it is a sign that Mother Nature is in a hurry to give all of us 6 months of cold, freezing weather. On the bright side, I can stay indoors and paint up a storm until spring. When it gets cold my mind tends to always focuses on the warmth of summer again as if it wasn’t hot enough to forget at the time. The Fall season here in Hendersonville has been picture perfect, but I am just not ready to bust into winter. Pump the breaks Mother Nature!

I was off from work today and decided to paint from a picture I took back in the summer. This painting surely reminds me of warmer days with bright sunshine. Enjoy!

Summer Dreams, 8 x 8 in, Acrylic on Canvas – Available for Purchase (see below)

Summer Dreams, 8 x 8 in., Acrylic on Canvas, Original Painting, Unframed

Learn more about this Original Painting @ ABOUT: ‘Summer Dreams’ was based on a picture I took back this summer. Painted impressionistically with loose brushstrokes. This painting will hopefully brighten up any area in your home. DIMENSIONS: 8 x 8 in. (standard size for easy framing) MATERIALS: Painted in professional acrylic paints on a cotton canvas, stretched on a wooden stretcher frame, canvas has been gessoed with three coats to maintain cotton integrity, paint was mixed with my own personal concentration of oil mediums to give paint strength and adds to protection for years to come (gives a nice soft varnish look when dry). Painting comes unframed, but size is standard so will be affordable. (C) Burge Mountain Artworks, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


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