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When Friends come to Visit!

A Carl Sandburg Goat, 8 x 12 in., Oil on Panel, Original Artwork, Unframed

Learn more about this Original Painting @ ABOUT: ‘A Carl Sandburg Goat’ was fun to complete. DIMENSIONS: 8 x 12 in. (standard size for easy framing) MATERIALS: Painted in professional oil paints on a gessoed panel board, has board supports for hanging on the wall, do not need to frame but could if desired, paint was mixed with my own personal concentration of oil mediums to give paint strength and adds to protection for years to come (gives a nice soft varnish look when dry). Painting comes unframed, but size is standard so will be affordable. (C) Burge Mountain Artworks, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


My wife and I had some great friends from college come down to visit our home in Hendersonville, NC with their daughter.

It was a great visit to see them and relax in the mountains. We went out and enjoyed the fall air this morning at the Carl Sandburg’s historical home. A visit there is not complete without seeing the goat farm. Had some inspiration today to paint a quick one hour painting from our visit.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

carl sandburg home goat.2017.1.logohistogram
A Carl Sandburg Goat, 8 x 12 in, Oil on Panel

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